Protected Helm

The most important design element of a live aboard yacht is the helm. It should always protect you from the weather.

Exposed helms can be fun on a vacation, but can undermine your long-term cruising experience.

Most catamarans are built for vacations in protected waters. The Antares catamaran is designed with the entire world in mind. The Antares is the first production catamaran built with a glass windshield and wipers and comes standard with a full removable enclosure designed into the hardtop.

Important features of the Antares cockpit and helm

Fully Protected Helm

In any weather condition it is important to have a cockpit that can adjust to accommodate the owners. All Antares come standard with a full, custom enclosure. The enclosures are easily stowed and deployed as conditions change, keeping the crew warm, dry and happy.

Glass Windshield

The forward windows at the helm are tempered glass, equipped with windshield wipers as a standard feature. This provides the best visibility possible, even in pouring rain.

Exceptional 360 Degree Visibility

From the helm seat you have a clear view of everything around you. This lets you sail in comfort, without having to move around to view potential blind spots while you tack or jib the boat.

Protection from Following Seas

An enormous cockpit that’s fully open to the stern with sliding patio doors may be ideal for lounging when anchored in azure-blue waters, but is not suitable for an ocean voyaging vessel.

Antares designed a substantial stern bulwark aft of the opening to the cockpit as a defense from a breaking following sea, which may potentially be much higher than the vessel itself. We also kept the sliding door at a practical size to give us the access we want without potentially sacrificing seaworthiness.

Helm on Seahorse
Antares Open Cockpit

Luxury is about staying warm and dry when its cold and wet outside

“We’ve sailed our Antares over 40,000 nautical miles in all types of conditions, from gales to tropical storms to cold weather in the north and south.  No matter what conditions have been throw at us, we can adjust our enclosures for safe, comfortable sailing without getting wet or cold!”

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