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Antares Highlights

Craig and Janice from Cruising Off Duty tour the Antares 44GS

Cruising Off Duty Antares 44 GS Tour Part II

Overview of some of the standard equipment

Tour the living space of the Antares

Sailing the Antares

A brief discussion about sail trim

Top-Down Furling Spinnaker Aboard the Antares 44

Sailing the Antares with Genoa

Sailing the Antares with Screecher

Sailing the Antares with Spinnaker

Sailing the Antares with Parasailor

Onwers Sailing their Antares

s/v Two Fish sailing in a squall

s/v Calypso sailing in Biscayne Bay, FL

s/v Ona sailing in Bahamas

s/v Escapade catching a sail fish

Night sailing in bad weather

Antares University

AU in the Bahamas

AU in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Learning to sail the Anatares

AU in the Caribbean

Memo teaching AU in Argentina

Women only sailing the Antares

Exploring Remote Islands & Cultures on an Antares

Ulithi Atoll, Micronesia Pt. 1

Ulithi Atoll, Micronesia Pt. 2

Rock Islands, Palau

Anambas Islands, Indonesia

Wayag, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Mortlock Island, Papua New Guinea

Roderick Bay, Solomon Islands

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Circumnavigating with Antares

s/v Barefeet Part I

s/v Barefeet Part 2

s/v Barefeet Part III

s/v Barefeet Part IV

s/v Barefeet Part V