Shore Power

shore power for Antares 44 GS

Shore Power – The two 30 amp shore power connections are located on the starboard side by the helm.

30 Amps Circuit Breakers – The circuit breakers for the shore power are located in a compartment in the master suite, aft of the bed.


gen set 40 amp for antares catamaran

Generator/40 Amp Circuit Breaker – The generator is located in the forward starboard locker. The 40 amp circuit breaker is located on the generator.

generator start battery for the Antares 44

Generator Start Battery – The battery for the generator is located in the forward starboard locker with the generator and is independent of the other batteries. You have to run the generator to recharge the battery.

generator pumps for Antares catamaran

Fuel Lift Pump/Cooling Water Pump – These items are located in the starboard service bilge.

Antares 44 GS water mfuse

Generator Water Pump Circuit Breaker – The circuit breaker for the water pump is located in the electrical panel and is accessed by the service door closest to the head.

Electrical One-Line Diagram

Service Batteries

Antares Catamaran house batteries

12V DC Ship’s Service Batteries – The 4 x 6-volt deep discharge traction type batteries are located in the white box in the mast base locker.

Antares 44 GS house batteries

Ship’s Service Battery Switch – The switch for the batteries is located under the navigation station.

Starter Batteries

The engine start batteries are located amidships beneath the floorboards. The port battery on/off switch is located below the refrigerator in the galley and the starboard switch is located below the main electrical panel.

Charge Combiner

Antares 44 yacht battery combiner

Charge Combiner – The battery combiner is located at the main electrical panel. There are several fuses related to the battery combiner that are housed in a separate box and are clearly marked.

Winch and Watermaker Breakers

waterm fuse for Antares 44 Catamaran

Winch & Watermaker Circuit Breakers – The circuit breakers for the electric winches are located below the main distribution panel (as pictured top).
You will find the cicuit breaker for the watermaker in a separate box also located below the distribution panel and is typically housed with the Genset Water Pump breaker (as pictured below).

Antares 44 GS Winch Relay

Winch Relay Sheet Winch – Below is an image of the winch relay for the sheet winch. Access to both the Harken winches can be found in the cockpit locker. The fuse for each of the winches can also be found there.

Windlass Breaker

Antares 44 GS windlass relay

Windlass Circuit Breakers – The circuit breaker for the windlass is located to in the main distribution panel next to the winch circuit breakers.

Windlass Relay Windlass Fuse – The image to the right shows the location of the windlass relay and fuse located in the mast base locker inside the white box.

Engine Alternator and Starter

Engine Alternator/Starter – The alternator and starter are located at the side of the engine.

Inverter Supply Charge

Antares GS Inverter Supply

Inverter Supply/Charge – The inverter supply / charge is accessed through a compartment beneath the navigation desk. You will also notice the Fuse box for the Mastervolt remote display that can be accessed by opening the compartment behind the display at the electrical distribution panel.

120v AC System

120 distribution for Antares Catamarans

120 Volt AC System – The 120 V. distribution panel is located at the main electrical panel below the 12 volt system.

Shore Power/Generator Interlocked Breakers – The shore power 1 and generator selector is located on the top, and shore power 2 and Parallel Bus A and B is located on the bottom.
“A” Bus is supplied by Shore 1 or Gen Set. Top 3 breakers on “B” Bus can be supplied by Shore 1, Genset or inverter. Bottom 3 breakers on “B” bus can be supplied by Shore 2 or Genset or inverter.

12v DC System

12v distribution panel for the Antares 44 GS
dc panel main on Antares Yacht

12 Volt Main Distribution Panel – There are 24 breakers on the distribution panel. Typical applications are for the engine systems, navigation equipment, lighting, bilge pumps, cabin fans, courtesy lighting and refrigeration.
The voltage meter is located at the main distribution panel. The numbers on the voltage meter selector switch coincide with the following batteries:

  1. House batteries
  2. Port engine
  3. Starboard engine
  4. Generator

100 Amps DC Main Panel Supply – The main 100 amps breaker must be on to operate the panel (pictured below).


Antares 44 GS Helm Switches
Helm Console for Antares Catamaran

Helm Switches – The push start engine switches are located below the engine throttles at the helm. You can access the fuses located directly behind the switches in the helm console. (Electric start for the Volvo Penta 40HP picured)

Engine Instruments – Instruments include battery voltage, oil, fuel, hours and temperature for each engine. You can access fuses in the helm console in the saloon (pictured below).

Electrical Distribution Panel

12v distribution back for Antares 44 Catamaran

12V and 120 V Distribution Panel – Both the 12Volt and 120 Volt distribution panels are located in the starboard hull below the navigation station. The top part of the panel is for the 12 V and the bottom half is 120 V. Above is a view of the inside of the panel.

LPG Control

Antares Yacht Galley Control

LP Gas Control / Cooktop Igniter – The LP Gas Control is located beside the stove. Make sure that the circruit breaker for the stove (LPG) on the 12 volt panel is turned on to operate the stove.

Cylinder solenoid for Antares 44 GS

Cylinder Solenoid – The cylinder solenoid is located by the propane cylinder in the vented rope locker.

12v Helm Panel

Engine instruments for Antares 44 GS Catamaran

12 V Helm Panel – Location of the 12 breakers on the 12 volt helm panel.

Autopilot motor for Antares 44 GS

Autopilot Motor – The autopilot motor is located beneath the steering wheel in the cockpit lazarette.

Bilge Pumps

Bilge Control for Antares Catamaran

Bilge Pump Control – The bilge pump controls are located at the helm. There are 3 pumps – one located amidship in each hull and 1 located in the forward starboard generator locker.

Antares Yacht Bilge Pump

Bilge Pump – Located in service bilge amidship in each hull, as well as in the forward starboard generator locker.