“Of all the catamarans available on the market, there is no other catamaran available in this size range we would choose at this time. All boats have pros and cons, the Antares provides a great balance in design, comfort, livability, sail capability, and crew safety.”

Gene & Renees/v Texas Crewed
Kemah, TX USA

“The design of the Antares is well thought out, from the ease of maintenance, to comfort at sea. The contemporary design, wood throughout, large galley, and panoramic salon views make it more than a boat we live on. It makes it our home.”

Dave & Lisas/v Unwritten Timeline
Oriental, NC USA

“We were essentially non-sailors when we purchased the boat. Our first season, we sailed 8,000 miles. Then proceeded to spend the next 7 seasons exploring the Caribbean. I cannot imagine we would have found a boat that would have better served our needs. A truly special chapter in our lives.”

Neil & Shauns/v Escapade
Fredericksburg, VA USA

“The Antares’ superpower is the ability to be so many boats in one package. She is a great ocean crosser, comfortable anchorage sitter, great scuba dive platform, ICW explorer, marina resident, Bahamas home, and much more. She is easy to dock, easy to sail, easy to maintain which makes her easy for the new to cruising owner. The learning curve for the new life holds many back from chasing their dreams. The Antares and the Antares community will make this dream come true without drama. The time on the water goes by quickly so buy a boat that spends more time taking care of you than you take care of it. Avoid a project boat and buy new so your project can be exploring. “

Jason & Gails/v Two Fish
New York, NY USA

“We have had a fabulous experience cruising on our PDQ Antares 44i. We purchased her in New Zealand and have enjoyed 5 years cruising around the South Pacific. We had had great support from the Forum and the Antares company over the years.”

Monty & Margys/v Whistler
Whistler, BC Canada