“I love the comfort and dependability of our Antares. As we’ve sailed the world with our family, it has allowed us to be safe at home wherever we are.”

Mark & Sarahs/v Field Trip
Castle Rock, CO USA

“After owning the Antares 44 for 6 years, I still have not found another cruising catamaran that I’d rather have.”

Eric & Coras/v Kailani
Phuket, Thailand

“Antares is unique and special, and we love showing off our beautiful home!”

Alan & Elizabeths/v Vivacia
Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA

“The longer we had our boat, the more we appreciated the design, particularly in terms of safety and efficiency.”

Craig & Lauries/v Alberta Crewed
Alberta, Canada

“The safest, most well-designed couples / liveaboard cruising catamaran on the market – period.”

Kevin & Moniques/v Sabbatique
Atlanta, GA USA