Galley is a Kitchen

Largest galley, and most storage in our class

A vacation galley-up is good for a vacation, but not for a serious live aboard.

If you only plan to rent a sailing catamaran for 4 or 6 days, a small galley connected to the cockpit makes a lot of sense. But that same galley may undermine your experience if you plan to live aboard.

Our galley has the following important features, that make cooking aboard easier and more enjoyable.

Substantially more storage and counter space

With substantially more storage and counter space than other yachts of its size, the Antares galley is designed to provide a bright and open work area. Having everything available for a meal, including food stores, refrigerator, pots, pans, microwave and over is an important feature.

Comfortable and safe while underway

Our boats are designed for the live-aboard cruiser. Making passages, sometime up to 3,000NM, is not trivial. Having a galley that has access to everything you need to prepare a meal, with the ability to lean against an apposing counter for safety is important. Especially when the boat is tossing and turning in confused seas.

Open design, easy access

The galley is open and full of light. There is easy access to the salon from wide, well designed steps. Most charter catamarans have tight narrow steps leading down, but we've designed ours to be safe and make going up or down effortless. Details like this are what makes Antares the best live-aboard in the world.
Large Galley

Storage Capacity in the Galley

“At first I wasn’t sure about galley up vs. galley down.  After living aboard our Antares for over eight years, I would never have a galley up in this class of boat.  I feel safe in the galley while underway, and can easily access everything I need to make a meal.  I’ve never once regretted our decision!”

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