Lightweight Cherry Wood Interior

A beautiful cherry interior, without sacraficing weight

Antares is much lighter than other catamarans of its size. The interior of the Antares 44 is hand built using light weight Tricel Honeycomb panels.

Because so many other catamarans are built for charter, they typically use wood accents inserted into heavy fiberglass molds, adding weight to the catamaran at the cost of performance. However, as with all true luxury yachts, the Antares’ interior is hand-crafted using high-tech, lightweight panels sandwiched between cherry veneer.

By using Tricel Honeycomb panels, we can also shape and form all the woodwork, essentially removing all sharp and potentially dangerous angles onboard.

Here are two key takeaways about the Antares wood interior

Lightweight & Beautiful

No corner is cut in making an Antares. Especially when it comes to our luxurious interior, fabricated out of Tricel Honeycomb panels, with a Brazillian Cherry veneer. The result is a beautiful, lightweight, and durable interior.

Quiet Interior when Underway

It's not obvious when a boat is sitting on the dock, but get underway, and you can start to hear squeaks and rubbing as the boat flexes. On our boat, we go the extra mile, and take the time to not only glue and screw our components in place, but also fiberglass the wood structure to the hull. This virtually eliminates squeaking, and creates for a quiet passage under sail.
Antares Salon Interior
Tricel Honeycomb Panels

Tricel Marine Honeycomb Panel Overview