Mark Silverstein

Sales and Marketing


Mark is an experienced sailor and uniquely qualified as our newest member of the team.  Mark has owned his Antares – Field Trip – for over 8 years, logging 40,000 nautical miles traveling around the world.  As an owner and representative of Antares Catamarans, Mark has critical knowledge and experience of actually living aboard one of our yachts and is a credible resource for new customers looking to purchase a new Antares Catamaran.

Antares Sailing Experience

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+1 (904) 506-8794‬ - USA
USA & Malaysia
“I’ve been friends with Memo and his team now since 2011.  I was thrilled to jump aboard and have fun sharing my passion for Antares with other customers.  This is a unique opportunity for me to help educate new customers about their buying decisions, and base my guidance on ‘real-life’ experiences of living the dream aboard the world’s best liveaboard catamaran.”

Mark Silverstein