NEW Hybrid/GT 360 Virtual Tour

Welcome to the NEW Antares design.  It is best to view this virtual tour in full-screen mode.  After pressing play, select the top right brackets to enlarge.

New Hybrid & GT Cockpit Design

We completely redesigned the cockpit, increasing space, increasing window sizes, adding streamlined seating that is easier to lounge, without compromising our excellent helm position or the ability to manage all lines in the cockpit easily.

New Hybrid & GT Interior Features

We’ve made more items standard while adding even more interior ventilation and headroom!

  • Two NEW forward-facing hatches in the salon are now standard for even more fresh air. Our cabins are standard with FIVE hatches that open for plenty of ventilation, even in the hot tropical weather.
  • Headroom has increased in the aft cabins by 6.5 inches (170mm). This now provides an industry-leading 6.75 feet (2070mm) of headroom!
  • NEW Stainless Steel armrests in the cockpit.
  • Port standup locker in the cockpit for storage or a refrigerator or ice maker.

Now, more than ever, the Antares is equipped for world travel, seamlessly plugging into any marina worldwide while adding the safety and convivence of all-electric appliances.

The Antares 44 Hybrid Overview

We are excited to announce our NEW Hybrid option for the Antares 44. We assembled a team of customers, owners, and engineers to design a proven technology solution without compromising our high standards.

Leaving a Clean Wake

Antares 44 GT vs. Antares 44 Hybrid

The Antares 44 GT and Antares 44 Hybrid both share the same design and have the new upgrades to the cockpit, electrical systems, increased ventilation inside, etc.  However, there are some significant differences – the largest is ‘how’ the boat is powered.  These changes are highlighted below.  For additional details on the hybrid design and components, please visit our hybrid page here.

Buying a New Antares

It’s never easy buying a new boat. There are many options, price points, sales pitches, and choices. Our goal at Antares is to educate customers on the critical components required to safely and comfortably sail around the world. The better educated you become, the better decisions you will make.

We are proud of our history and are confident in our position as the world’s best liveaboard for a cruising couple or family.

Mark Silverstein offers unique expertise, as he leads our sales efforts. He has lived aboard his Antares for over 8 years and sailed more than 40,000 nautical miles in all types of weather conditions. His experience will be invaluable to you as you consider the purchase of your new Antares.

The Antares Experience

Buying an Antares will change your life. We want to make that transition as comfortable, safe, and fun as possible. It takes time to get to know your new boat, be confident docking in tight spaces, and safely navigating reef speckled islands around the world.

Everything is standard on the Antares, including personal assistance, instruction, and mentorship for your new boat.

Antares University

  • Duration

    2 days aboard an Antares

  • Purpose

    To provide an overview of the Antares, and give new owners the opportunity to learn more about the boat.

  • Sample Agenda

    – Boat Systems Overview

    – Docking Instruction

    – Sailing Instruction (wind permitting)

    – Cocktail reception

Cruising University

  • Duration

    7-10 Days aboard s/v Field Trip, in Malaysia & Thailand

  • Purpose

    While your boat is being built, provide in-depth instruction on cruising with an Antares in remote areas of the world.

  • Sample Agenda

    – Docking instruction, med-mooring

    – Boat maintenance

    – Provisioning

    – Man overboard drills

    – Satellite navigation

    – Heavy weather sailing

    – Water sports (diving, snorkeling, etc)

Ownership University

  • Duration

    5-7 Days aboard your new boat

  • Purpose

    Help you as a new Antares owner get familiar with your new boat and any items that will help you become comfortable with your vessel.

  • Sample Agenda

    – Assist with items that need fixing

    – Passage making as needed

    – Additional docking practice

    – Man overboard drills

    – Additional sailing instruction

    – Maintenance schedules

    – Any other owner items that need to be addressed

Owner Testimonials

Mark & Sarah
s/v Field Trip
Castle Rock, CO USA

“I love the comfort and dependability of our Antares. As we’ve sailed the world with our family, it has allowed us to be safe at home wherever we are.”

Gene & Renee
s/v Texas Crewed
Kemah, TX USA

“Of all the catamarans available on the market, there is no other catamaran available in this size range we would choose at this time. All boats have pros and cons, the Antares provides a great balance in design, comfort, livability, sail capability, and crew safety.”

Dave & Lisa
s/v Unwritten Timeline
Oriental, NC USA

“The design of the Antares is well thought out, from the ease of maintenance, to comfort at sea. The contemporary design, wood throughout, large galley, and panoramic salon views make it more than a boat we live on. It makes it our home.”

Neil & Shaun
s/v Escapade
Fredericksburg, VA USA

“We were essentially non-sailors when we purchased the boat. Our first season, we sailed 8,000 miles. Then proceeded to spend the next 7 seasons exploring the Caribbean. I cannot imagine we would have found a boat that would have better served our needs. A truly special chapter in our lives.”

Jason & Gail
s/v Two Fish
New York, NY USA

“The Antares is a versatile boat that can be used for various purposes, including ocean crossing, anchorage, scuba diving, ICW exploration, marina residency, and Bahamas home. It is easy to maintain and dock, making it suitable for new cruising owners. The Antares community aims to help make dreams come true without drama.”

Monty & Margy
s/v Whistler
Whistler, BC Canada

“We have had a fabulous experience cruising on our PDQ Antares 44i. We purchased her in New Zealand and have enjoyed 5 years cruising around the South Pacific. We had had great support from the Forum and the Antares company over the years.”

Eric & Cora
s/v Kailani
Phuket, Thailand

“After owning the Antares 44 for 6 years, I still have not found another cruising catamaran that I’d rather have.”

Alan & Elizabeth
s/v Vivacia
Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA

“Antares is unique and special, and we love showing off our beautiful home!”

Craig & Laurie
s/v Alberta Crewed
Alberta, Canada

“The longer we had our boat, the more we appreciated the design, particularly in terms of safety and efficiency.”

Kevin & Monique
s/v Sabbatique
Atlanta, GA USA

“The safest, most well-designed couples / liveaboard cruising catamaran on the market – period.”