Sail Fish

A couple takes their first sailboat on a 5,000 nautical mile journey from Argentina to St. Lucia, bringing their passion for fishing along for the ride. A month-long delivery trip up the South Atlantic that Shaun and Neil made on their new Antares 44i catamaran

The first leg was fast and furious; the second was filled with drama and tension as Escapade fought upwind for 11 days; and the third was a majestic climax that the crew dubbed “the best sail ever.”- By Shaun Sullivan.

Accidental Circumnavigation – Part II

Part II: Closing the gap on a seven year journey around the world.

Somewhere along the way we had lost our direction, or maybe I should say, we found our direction. We left Pensacola, Fla. aboard Miss Jody, our Antares 42 catamaran, on a six-month trip to Panama. Nearly five years later, we found ourselves in Phuket, Thailand waiting for the northeast monsoon season to make it possible to start our 4,000-mile trip to the Red Sea.- By Joanne Bush.

Accidental Circumnavigation – Part I

I would have never stepped aboard Miss Jody had I known we would end up sailing around the world. My husband Ron, a life-long sailor and racer convinced me to go cruising. Our plan was to sail as far as the San Blas Islands in Panama, with the caveat that I could always go home if I didn’t like it. I could jump ship and buy a bus ticket from the Florida Keys back to Pensacola, Fla., and it was relatively easy to return home from the Caribbean. – By Joanne Bush.